This web tool is designed to assist you to design a repayment schedule for all your loans. Please complete this screen with details of your loans and loan repayment amounts. You should also select a strategy to indicate how you would like the additional loan repayment amounts allocated.

Calculation Date


Please provide details of any loans you may have.

Creditor Rate (%) Balance (R) Base Payment (R) Cumulative Interest
1. -
Total -- -

Monthly Payment

Please input the monthly payment that you can afford (the amount must cover the Base Payments shown above).

Total Base PaymentAdditional Monthly Payment (R)Total Payment

Payment escalation

Please indicate what escalation you are able to make to the Total Payment each year.

Escalation (%)Month Escalation Applies


Please input the additional monthly repayments that you can afford.

Lump Sum Amounts

Please indicate whether you can make lump sum payments towards your loans.


The impact on your loan repayment is shown in the table below.